Turning ideas into reality

Inidirock - Southend 

Run by local climbers Gordon and Emily Indirock is a new upcoming bouldering gym due to open Q1 2022 and is situated in Victoria Shopping Centre, 362 Chartwell Square, Southend-on-Sea SS2 5SP



















Matt approached us with the idea of giving Indirock's designs a little juice up... We thought he might be able to add a bit of colour and simple rendering - nothing prepared us for what he went on to create! 

This VR world is a million times above and beyond what we could have imagined. Matt has painstakingly created items from scratch such as the huge variety of climbing holds on show, the bespoke lighting we've chosen, the material finishes and so much more. 

After two years spent dreaming about our designs, it is beyond exciting to see them brought to life in this way. It will keep us going over the months of building works to come and it's going to be hard to create something as beautiful as this in real life! 

Thank you Matt for putting so much time, creativity and skill into this project with Indirock. We feel blessed to have worked with you!

 - Emily Vermont (owner)

Carvers Farm - Billericay

Created to help advertise the site to potential tenants.