Turning ideas into reality


Using the latest in visualisation technology I am able to produce highly detailed models that can be used to generate video walk throughs, images for your website or social media pages, VR-Demos to be shown to clients, investors or architects.

Measured Surveying

Experience using laser scanning technology to produce highly accurate floor plans, sections and elevations for architectural use.



With widespread use of social media having high fidelity artwork, imagery to capture the attention of your prospect clients and customers is of paramount inportance. Given enough details and time I turn your ideas into reality.



Web hosted walkthroughs

Carvers Farm

Below is a link to a project where instead of sending photos and videos I created a 360 walkthrough of the project to help the client show the proposed unit to prospective clients, this method helps turn abstract drawings into an easy visual medium that anyone can understand.

VR and Video Walkthroughs

Capable of setting up VR events to showcase your projects.